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Sunday Morning Services ONLY are open to worshippers beginning May 17, 2020
In light of the latest developments, we have decided to open our Sunday worship services only for now and hold off on our Wednesday evening gatherings, until further notice.
To ensure the safety and peace of mind for our church family during this COVID-19 reopening, there will be no children's services or nursery at church, or Ground Zero until June or possibly later.
We will broadcast the Pastors message on Sunday morning on Facebook. You can click on our Facebook icon in the left column, if you have not been to our Facebook page. Also, please contact the pastors if they can assist you with anything.
If you have not signed up for our text alerts and messaging, this would be a great time to do so by clicking on the "remind" graphic in the left column for instructions.
To find out more about out reopening, click the "REOPENING THE CHURCH" graphic at the top of this page.

July Birthdays

07/0600Twyla Price 07/2100Andrew Belflower
07/0600Nikki Rimmer 07/2200Donnie Covalt
07/1400Pam Walker 07/2400Aron Cochran
07/1800Mandelynn Welch 07/2800Kecia Ferguson
07/2000Austin Dilley 07/2900Lorrie Belflower

July Anniversaries

07/2900Andrew and Chelsea Belflower
07/3000Ed and Linda Winebarger

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