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This Sunday's Advent: Peace
This season is traditionally seen to be a time of waiting expectantly and happily and preparing for the Christmas season at the end of December. It is also a reminder of how the Jewish nation waited for the Messiah and how Christians are now waiting for the return of Christ.
Advent starts on Advent Sunday, which is always the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day. Depending on which day of the week Christmas falls on, Advent Sunday falls either at the beginning of December or, like it did this year on the 27th, in November.
One of Advent's most prominent symbols is the candles lit at the beginning of each week. There are 3 purple or blue candles and one pink or rose candle - four total with one for each week. A fifth white candle may be added to be lit on Christmas day.
During services at the beginning of the message each week, a special performance is portrayed to light that week's candle. The candles' fires burn during each service so that by the end of Advent, all of the candles' lights shine.

Serving Our Community!
Many of you like serving in the community, so Thursday, December 16, 2016, we will team up at the The Oklahoma Regional Food Bank for an evening of sorting food from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm. Two hour shift. Please wear close-toed shoes (tennis shoes or sandals) and please be on time.
The Oklahoma Regional Food Bank is located at 3355 S. Purdue, in Oklahoma City. Children 8 years and above are able to serve. All volunteers under 18 yrs. of age need to sign a consent form.
If you have another service opportunity that you're interested in, just e-mail Dwane to let him know about it.

Come Worship With Us.
Welcome! We would love for you to join us for a Sunday morning service at Prayer of Faith. All are welcome to come worship and hear the Bible preached.
Some people dress up, others wear jeans. We want you to feel relaxed, so come as you are, however you are most comfortable.
Our services are a flow of worship that includes singing, prayer, the teaching of Scripture, the sacrament of communion on the first Sunday of each month, and visiting together.

Sunday Ministry Opportunities:

9:00 am Prayer Meeting in Pastor's Study
9:00 am Instrument and Praise Singers Practice
9:30 am
Adult Bible Study
10:30 am
Sunday Worship and Praise Service
11:00 am

Sunday Worship Message
with Adam Dilley, Senior Pastor and
Eric Ferguson, Executive Pastor
11:00 am
Junior Children's Church (ages 4 years thru 2nd grade)
Senior Children's Church (3rd grade thru 6th grade)
1st Sunday - Teacher: Cory Evenson
2nd Sunday - Teacher: Chesyne Grey
3rd Sunday - Teacher: Cory Evenson
4th Sunday - Teacher: Chesyne Grey
5th Sunday - Teacher: Chesyne Grey or Cory Evenson

Wednesday Night Ministry Opportunities:

6:00 pm
Ground Zero (teens ages 13-19)
7:00 pm
King's Kids (ages 3 years - 6th grade)
6:15 pm
Praise Reports and Prayer Requests
7:00 pm
Adult Bible Study in Fellowship Hall

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