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Message: Letting Go While Holding On 01-05 | Letting Go While Holding On | Adam Dilley

Message: Battle Insights 01-12 | Battle Insights | Adam Dilley

Message: Prepare For Battle 01-19 | Prepare For Battle | Adam Dilley

Message: Blessings In Battle 01-26 | Blessings In Battle | Adam Dilley

Message: What Does Your Battlefield Look Like? 02-02 | What Does Your Battlefield Look Like? | Adam Dilley

Message: The Inner Circle 02-09 | The Inner Circle | Eric Ferguson

Message: The Broken Hand 02-16 | The Broken Hand | Eric Ferguson

Message: Out Of Options 02-23 | Out Of Options | Eric Ferguson

Message: Renew and Restore Me 03-01 | Renew and Restore Me | Adam Dilley

Message: Grace Among Thorns 03-08 | Grace Among Thorns | Eric Ferguson

Message: Finding God When You Least Expect It 03-15 | Finding God When You Least Expect It | Adam Dilley

Message: Living In Times Of Want 03-22 | Living In Times Of Want | Adam Dilley

Message: Draw Near 03-29 | Draw Near | Adam Dilley

Message: Where Do You Stand? 04-05 | Where Do You Stand? (Palm Sunday) | Adam Dilley

Message: Where Is He? 04-12 | Where Is He? (Easter Sunday) | Adam Dilley

Message: Closing the Door to Discouragement 04-19 | Closing the Door to Discouragement | Eric Ferguson

Message: A Distant Follower 04-26 | A Distant Follower | Eric Ferguson

Message: Carry On! 05-03 | Carry On! | Adam Dilley

Message: A Mothers Honor 05-10 | A Mothers Honor | Eric Ferguson

Message: Have You Experienced True Transformation 05-17 | Experiencing True Transformation | Adam Dilley

Message: Is Your Church Open? 05-24 | Is Your Church Open? | Adam Dilley

Message: The Edge of Yesterday 05-31 | The Edge of Yesterday | Eric Ferguson

Message: Have You Experienced Personal Pentecost 06-07 | Have You Experienced Pentecost? | Adam Dilley

Message: Praying for the Power of God 06-14 | Praying for the Power of God | Eric Ferguson

Message: I Am Well Pleased 06-21 | I Am Well Pleased | Adam Dilley

Message: Buying In 06-28 | Buying In | Eric Ferguson

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