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Message: Ringing In The New Year 01-03 | Ringing In The New Year | Adam Dilley

Message: Beautiful For Any Situation 01-10 | Beautiful For Any Situation | Eric Ferguson

Message: Faithful Through The Unknown 01-17 | Faithful Through The Unknown | Adam Dilley

Message: The Right Choice 01-24 | The Right Choice | Eric Ferguson

Message: Faith, Hope, and Love 01-31 | Faith, Hope, and Love | Adam Dilley
Message: There Is Always Somebody 02-07 | There Is Always Somebody | Eric Ferguson

Message: no message available 02-14 | Services Cancelled | Snowy Road Conditions

Message: When Life Throws Rocks 02-21 | When Life Throws Rocks | Eric Ferguson

Message: Trusting God Always 02-28 | Trusting God Always | Adam Dilley

Message: A Penny's Worth of Faith 03-07 | A Penny's Worth of Faith | Eric Ferguson

Message: Where Do You Stand? 03-14 | Where Do You Stand? | Adam Dilley

Message: The Lord Has Need of You 03-21 | The Lord Has Need of You | Eric Ferguson

Message: Celebrating 03-28 | Celebrating | Adam Dilley

Message: A Reason To Celebrate 04-04 | A Reason To Celebrate | Easter Sunday | Adam Dilley

Message: The Fallen 04-11 | The Fallen | Eric Ferguson

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